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Website UX planning, design and build, email campaigns

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The client

What started as a father and son crafting high quality doors is today a company boasting a 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility producing bespoke aluminium doors, windows and roofing across the UK. Whether it’s installing bi-folding doors to a family home or a bespoke grand design transformation of a large property, Express has an expert team to deliver to the highest standards.

The challenge

The success of the company had seen Express grow their operation substantially in just a matter of a few years. This growth was not just in the scale of their team, but also their product range. In addition to expanding their Bi-folding and sliding door products, Express also offer high-quality front entrance doors, window systems, conservatories and orangeries.

The Express website had been updated to accommodate these new product ranges, but the experience wasn’t reflective of their quality and the format of the design didn’t allow Express to give their products the stage they deserved.

In addition, a huge part of why customers choose Express is the experience itself. This ‘Express difference’ starts at one of their astounding showrooms and follows with exceptional service in planning, surveys, production, installation and aftercare: all handled by the Express team. In short, the website simply didn’t shout loudly about this. We knew that was going to change.

Gravity workshop

We kicked off the project in the best possible way (in our humble opinion), with a Gravity workshop session.

We invited Express to bring some of their team to the workshop who could offer a variety of business insights. The workshop allowed Express to discover and define areas of focus leading to more closely aligned thinking across their key stakeholders. The Tall team soaked all this up, of course, giving us key insights into the project ahead.

Find out more about Gravity

UX planning

We took our learning from Gravity into planning the user experience for the website. One key area of focus was in making sure that the ’Express difference’ themes were a constant presence throughout the website experience. We also identified an array of improvements we wanted to implement to make the website simply more helpful to users. This ranged from the ease of downloading a product brochure to a customer finding the correct aftercare contact information.

Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2
Sensio image 2

3D animation

As stunning as the products look, it’s also how they function that makes them impressive, but this is something that is difficult to show without physically being in a showroom with the products. Not everyone fully understands how a bi-folding door fully opens and operates, so we used 3D to show the function of some of their products. These act as a great education piece for customers to help define what product they might want for their project.

Seeing is believing

It’s quite simple really. Seeing the Express products up close is the best way to imagine your own home transformation, which is why their showroom experiences are so rewarding for customers. The website can’t transport you to the showroom (yet), but seeing the products in beautiful detail and settings still goes a long way. The Express team photograph many of their projects to be able to show real examples and had a substantial collection of stunning photography to work with. One of the key design themes we tried to implement was allowing the photography to take centre stage and offer website users a visually rewarding experience.

Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2
Sensio image 2
Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2
Sensio image 2

Supporting Graphics

We also developed a suite of iconography to help support product features.

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Express Emails

As part of the digital project, we also created a suite of email templates for Express which we integrated with their email system to offer a much more enriched communication with their customers. This involved simple website communications such as confirmations to customers as well as newsletters and product promotions.

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What we achieved

The new website now delivers an online experience that we feel does justice to the quality of the Express products and service. It has been built with reliability and speed in mind with a focus on the tablet and mobile experiences which are key when TV adverts run.

The rich visual presentation throughout has increased page views and dwell time by 25% whilst bounce rate has dropped by 10%. The enhanced narrative around the Express difference goes much further towards giving customers no hesitation in choosing Express for their next home transformation.

A couple of our KPIs were to increase brochure and quote requests due to their importance as lead generation tools. Brochure requests have increased by almost 100% and quote requests have increased by 10%.

Visit the Express Bi-Folds site

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