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Loving the planet more

We’ve been Carbon Neutral as a business since early 2022, supporting projects by Carbon Neutral Britain.

We offset the total carbon footprint from the period identified to become certified as a Carbon Neutral Business by Carbon Neutral Britain.

This certification awarded by CNB provides assurance that the carbon neutral claim is robust and credible, following calculation using the ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standard principles of relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency and accuracy.

Total Carbon Footprint


Our impact

We support Yorkshire Woodland Management with their tree planting efforts

Woodland Project

It's the small things too.

We are always looking at ways we can cut down on waste, or be more efficient in and around the office. Here are a few...

No more coffee pods

We've ditched our plastic coffee pods and gone for good old fashion beans. To be honest they taste much better too.

We love oat milk (It's better for the environment)

Ok, we've not persuaded all in the office to opt for oat milk just yet, but a few have made the leap.

No more kettles (Saving 36% more energy)

Out with the kettles and in with some fandangled new water machine... it's pretty cool and saves a tonne of energy.

Our loo roll is from Who Gives A Crap which is made from 100% renewable and sustainable bamboo :-)