12 months of YBS

Another year has flown by with our friends at Yorkshire Building Society.

From animations to interactive tools, reports to landing pages, over this past year we’ve completed quite a bit of work for the guys over at YBS and achieved some pretty amazing results throughout it.

So, we thought it was only right we put together a round-up of some of the work we’ve accomplished over this last year!



We haven’t just stopped there. We thought we’d dive in deeper to tell you a little more about some of our favourite projects with YBS over this past year.

It’s fine, no need to thank us all at once…

Savings Tips

YBS had written a series of tip guides to help a variety of people save.

Tall’s challenge was to give the results they’d gathered a little more personality. Using the content of YBS’ article as well as their illustration style, we created a series of character animations around a couple at four different stages of life (students, marriage, parenthood and retirement).



These character animations were used to form an engaging visual navigation system for switching between each of the four savings tips life stages – encouraging users to explore each of them.

View the full web page here.

Mortgage Listings Page

YBS commissioned us to create a custom version of the Mortgage landing page – specifically served to users that had come from 3rd party links such as comparison sites.

The page was redesigned with more of a focus on pushing conversions to AIP. This included changes in messaging, CTA layout, and the hierarchy of information.

What did we achieve? Check out our video below.


First Time Buyers Report

YBS had been speaking to lots of different people about homeownership, many of whom were already making plans to buy their first home. They wanted to know their thoughts and opinions on buying a house for the very first time and what their experiences had been so far. They’d managed to gather an abundance of really great information with some pretty insightful stats about a variety of issues that first-time buyers face today.



YBS wanted to represent this information in an engaging format and had considered an infographic. However, we recommended in order to bring it to life we should create a landing page for the YBS website complete with animations and custom illustrations.

View the full web page here.