A Xmas inspired lip-sync battle to end the year

In the run up to the Xmas period this year the entire Tall team have been getting increasingly more giddy by the day. It all started in the first week of December when a phantom Spotify saboteur added Wham’s Last Christmas to the studio play queue and that was it – collective foot tapping and festive humming was the new norm for the whole studio.

By mid December we were in full Christmas spirit mode, belting out the Xmas oldies, goldies and bangers for us all to sing along, leading to ideas circulating of us going to do some Xmas karaoke. What happened next is a little bit of a blur, but we somehow ended up with a plan to hold an Xmas themed lip-sync battle which we’d share with the world. Choosing the right Xmas themed song was pretty easy. We’d recently become partners with the Leeds Community Foundation – an amazing charity group which you can read about here. There was therefore only one choice: the undisputed king of Xmas charity belters.

We had an absolute blast doing this and it just might force a smile (we hope so anyway).