Big win for Tall

One of the UK’s largest financial groups has appointed us to help shape their digital offering across three of their key brands; Provident Personal Credit, Satsuma Loans and Vanquis Bank.

Established in Bradford, 1880, Provident Financial Group (PFG) is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of personal credit products to the non-standard lending market. The group has around 5,700 employees and 2.4 million customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Despite Provident, Satsuma and Vanquis Bank having trustworthy brands that have previously seen great success, in a strategic move, PFG knew that to meet the growing needs of their customers and offer a first-class customer experience they needed to develop their digital offering, by creating a digital-first brand strategy.

Working collaboratively with their existing marketing team, we’re beginning with PFG’s brand digitisation process whereby we’ll take their existing brands and develop them into future proof, digital-first ones.

The revolutionary process will ensure the brands stay current and are key to creating a consistent design experience across all their digital platforms and communication touch-points in the future.

Nick Gander, Digital Transformation Director at Vanquis said:

“We’re delighted to be working with Tall who have a proven track record in this field. It’s great that they’re working across the Group, making sure that we have a digital footprint at the heart of each of our Brands”.

Creative Director at Tall, Guy Utley commented:

“This has been a fantastic set of projects for us to get our teeth into and I’m really pleased with how the team have stepped up to the challenge.

It has been great to see brands that are as well-established as the ones within The Provident Group to let go of old principles and trust us to give them a digital-first brand”.