Brand consistency across the digital and physical world

Whether your brand is digital, physical or both, how your audience feels when interacting with your brand is crucial to winning their valuable brand loyalty.

The importance of building consistency across all platforms is often overlooked. This can be damaging to your brand as inconsistencies create an uneven perception for audiences, especially across all multi-sensory points, say a phone app and a car interface. Whether it’s visual or physical there needs to be consistency across all points. 

Creating a design system, or even a basic set of digital brand guidelines covering; motion principles, graphic devices and user experience is a must. However, true, meaningful brand experiences live beyond just brand identity. Creating accessibility and inclusivity across your brand’s designs can bring your values to life across all departments. Whether through customer service, product development or internal comms.

Our Creative Director Guy Utley sat down (virtually) with the VP of Vital Auto, Shay Moradi to discuss how important brand cohesion is in the automotive industry. Give it a watch below.

In car UX and brands COLLIDE

A discussion between Guy Utley (CD @ Tall Agency) and Shay Moradi (VP @ Vital Auto).

Two fast pace worlds become one united experience.

The world has changed in ways that most of us would have never thought possible. Now, we’re using our digital devices to carry out a wide range of tasks like working, shopping, ordering food or finding a hotel. We discuss the expectation of car experience, is it more than miles per gallon/charge or a good sounding entertainment system.

What is the experiential layer that allows for someone to distinctively prefer one car over another, and never go back to another way of doing things?

We discuss the expectations of a clear, useful, exciting, user experience.  This talk looks at how these expectations go beyond the driving seat, how brands are racing to ensure their user experience is exceptional, distinctive and connected, from the click of a website, view of a TV advert to the press of the ignition button.