We’re all making a “toast” to celebrate being chosen by Breadwinner as one of the best agencies in the Yorkshire region. Each selection is “handpicked and personally recommended”, so this is a real accomplishment for Tall and we’re chuffed to get a “slice” of the action… (no more bread puns, we swear)

In 2017 Chris McCash founded Breadwinner Agencies to help clients and agencies alike. It enables clients to find the top agencies in the region and gives a platform to the best agencies from that region.

Our work such as the Tour De France animation, the Two Hearts campaign, as well as our clients such as Yorkshire Building Society and Sky Bet have put us on the map as one of the best digital agencies in Leeds.

Breadwinner commented that they have “admired the design work of Tall for many years but their technical build and digital expertise has grown to match this creative output. A short look at the Tour De France animation, the Two Hearts campaign or their YBS explainers will show you how this creatively led digital agency can produce brilliant work. Very few agencies manage this blend of technical and creative excellence, especially in complex product areas such as finance, engineering, sports and tech.”

We’re just a straight-talking bunch that love to develop cracking long-term relationships with our clients and It’s a core belief of ours that only when you persistently venture beyond the comfort zone can you consistently achieve greater things. Whether that’s using digital technology in a whole new way, breaking the mould when it comes to creative or tapping into your audience’s psyche via a completely different strategy.

Leeds is increasingly becoming regarded as the UK’s next big digital scene and it’s great to be involved in this growth of northern digital industries. Fingers crossed this continues to grow over time with Breadwinner.