Here’s to a successful 2020

Before we look forward to our ambitions for 2020, we’d like to appreciate what an amazing year 2019 was for Tall and give thanks to everyone that made our achievements throughout the year possible. Our success throughout the year has helped to shape our aspirations for 2020.

2019 saw us shape our Digital Branding service. After being approached by clients to enhance their online presence and digital marketing it became apparent that their existing brand wasn’t fit for purpose to communicate the brand across a variety of digital channels.  Or at least not in an engaging and powerful way.

A businesses brand is very powerful and being able to translate a company’s proposition and ethos across digital channels is ever more important with the growing digital marketing landscape. It’s about how they sound, their animation style, how the user feels when navigating your website that makes a brand and ensuring that these elements all work together across an integrated world in a holistic way is key to building a strong brand.

In today’s market place having a digital-first brand is essential and ensuring that these are considerate when developing your brand is key.

We’re pleased to say that our service has been well received. At the time of writing and formalising our service, we were working on 5 digital branding projects so it’s clear to see that clients are seeing the need for them to future proof their brands in today’s digital world.

We see this trend continuing in 2020 and is a key focus for us over the next 12 months.

Along with the brand digitisation projects we worked on, 2019 saw us busy winning new clients and growing our existing business as well as working on some really amazing projects. Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we’re proud to have completed over the last 12 months…

In support of all this growth, we also saw the acquisition, promotion and extension of our senior management team. The move, to support the delivery of work and our continued agency growth plans led to the appointment of Lucy Evans as Head of Client Services and promotion of Daniel Maw to Head of Operations. The pair now join the existing Head of Design, Andy Beckwith making the ‘heads of’ trio within the business.

It’s an extremely exciting step towards our ambitious growth plans and we’re looking forward to supporting and expanding the business with the trio throughout this year.

Finally, we feel it’s about time to re-design our website. It’s been on the agenda for some time now but we’ve never managed to get around to it. Well, 2020 is the year! We’ll keep you posted with progress via social.

Generally speaking, we’ll continue learning, improving and finding new ways to combine creativity and technology to deliver stunning digital projects for our clients. Here’s to a successful 2020!