Our new Northern partner

Prolific North Partnership

We’re pleased to announce that Tall has become a Prolific North Partner! Now, how cool is it that we can say that?! Well, it’s pretty cool 😎 as we joined a network of like-minded businesses and organisations working to support the North’s creative and digital sector.

We also look forward to learning from our partners and sharing our own experiences and insights in the industry with them. It’s a community for sharing knowledge, best practices and resources, as well as providing opportunities for members to learn from each other.

Guy Utley, our Founder and Creative Director had this to say about this partnership:
“We admire the work Prolific North does to promote and raise awareness for the amazing contributions of our peers in the creative, marketing, advertising and digital sectors.
Working in partnership with Prolific North, we’re excited to bring our perspective and experience to a wide range of subjects across these areas, sharing knowledge, and learning from their superb community of like-minded organisations.”
As a Prolific North Partner, we’ll be featured on the website throughout the year, as well as being part of key industry events and contributing to wider conversations within the industry.
Off to a great start and it’s only January!