Practice what you preach – Thinking Matters

Doing something genuinely new is always going to be accompanied by risk and uncertainty (and that’s without the added complication of Covid-19).

Whether it’s launching a new product, offering a new service or re-launching your brand, having an informed understanding will lead to de-risking any decision as solutions are based on insight, not guesswork.

I think it is fair to say that over the past few months everything has turned on its head and both businesses and consumers have had to adapt, often without too much thought in order to meet the new lifestyle demands. But things seem to be set to stay. With new customer behaviours emerging and with the rapid rise of digital, businesses are evolving in order to meet the new normal.

We’ve experienced this from our own clients – helping them work out how to adapt but also looking at how we, Tall, need to adapt in these rapidly changing times.

I mean…Let’s face it, now’s the time to take advantage of this new drive for the digital world – something we have been trying to push for a while now!

Previously, we’ve been so busy helping clients with their challenges and looking at how they can grow and adapt, we’ve overlooked ourselves and the new challenges we face as a business. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us it’s that everything can change in an instance and we need to always remain flexible and ready to react to the changing demands of the world.

This time has made us take stock and re-evaluate Tall; who we are, why we exist and what we want to offer – something that we always tell our clients that they need to do.

So… We thought what a better time to embark on our own reappraisal journey, and what better way than to do our very own Gravity method (practice what you preach and all that!).

This week was the beginning of our Gravity journey whereby we shared knowledge and explored solutions, aligning everyone in order to share the same vision and goals for the company.

We started with discovery; exploring our current marketing and business landscape to gain the insight needed to form a robust strategic brief. We used a mixture of techniques from desk research, customer research and market research, all to uncover 5 key insight areas:

  • Company performance
  • Industry insight
  • Target audience
  • Brand health
  • Marketing review

All coming together in an interactive workshop, albeit remotely, to discuss where we want to be and how on earth we’re going to get there.

You might think “Well shouldn’t they know all of this?” But, taking the time to evaluate and rethink your approach is needed now and again to remain competitive and keep pushing forward.

We love doing these sessions for our clients as we get so much out of them that helps to guide the strategy and it’s been no different doing the same on our own brand.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been challenging but also rewarding to know that the next phase of Tall is not only the right one but the one where everyone shares the same vision. We are excited and we will be sharing our on-going progress.