Say hi to Andrew, our new Senior Account Manager.

Hi, I’m Andrew (or Woody as I’ve now been christened) and I’ve joined Tall as the new Senior Account Manager. I am the master of planning, organisation and building relationships with clients.


A month already?!


I can’t believe it’s been over a month already, where has the time gone. The days are jam-packed, but with a variety of different clients and projects, so it’s always varied and exciting.


What have I learnt?


Taking over as a client contact from day one was a great initiation to Tall. It was beneficial just to get involved with the clients from the start and get my head into the different projects, especially as everything is ramping up before Christmas. I am used to fast-paced and very varied clients, so this suits me well. I think what’s hit home is the creativity and freedom with some of the projects we have at Tall, where we have an initial idea and can develop it into something truly engaging and impactful. I think unlike some other digital agencies Tall hasn’t lost that creative edge, and it’s intrinsic in everything we do, which for me is really important.


What did you expect?


I came with an open mind, but I had already seen the fantastic digital creative from Tall, so there was some expectation. It was great to just get involved with it. Agency culture is a big thing for me, and luckily Tall is a fantastic place to work. Mario Kart and Fortnight Friday lunchtimes are a weekly occurrence and often come with some variety of Deliveroo takeaway goodness. Oh, and the team are great too.



Any quirks?


I used to be a senior windsurfing instructor before I got into the world of advertising. Now I have a ‘real’ job I do miss it a bit, but the creativity and fast-paced nature of working at Tall can still keep the adrenaline going.