Setting the foundations

Rome wasn’t built in a day… Right?

Branding yourself can be a mammoth task as we discussed previously in The hardest client to rebrand: Yourself.  With all the tough conversations to be had and all the difficult decisions to be made – it’s never plain sailing. We’ve had to start from the ground up and set the foundations to be the catalyst for our vision for the Tall brand and how it will better align with our values.

If we envision a scale of the brand the bare minimum will be Typography and Colour so that’s where we’ll begin.

Typography provides an attractive appearance and preserves the aesthetic value of your content. It plays a vital role in setting the overall tone and let’s be honest… you’re not going to be engaged if you can’t even read it!

So, it must be as simple as changing a typeface, right?

Well, it’s not entirely as simple as choosing a default font and thinking “that’ll do”. As the internal rage of every designer depicted perfectly in Ryan Goslings SNL episode showing the damaging effects of a certain blockbuster movie did by choosing the wrong font.


Designers are here to ask the right questions. How will it be used? Does it fit the tone of the composition? Is it legible on mobile?

It can be conflicting when choosing a typeface but we are adamant on keeping our visual output simple yet confident. So why not use one typeface, one weight and one vision.

We don’t want to come to a conclusion towards the end… As Gosling points out: “IT WASN’T ENOUGH.”

Now… let’s talk colour.

No one wants to walk into a party wearing the same outfit as another guest. Colour sets the tone and especially in a digital world with trends changing so rapidly. Your once cool brand colour might be outdated or start to feel the same rather quickly.

Keeping the core colours of black, grey and white, we wanted to add more primary options that present more vibrancy to our content and show more of our personality –  While also making sure our content is inclusive so we give all users the best experience possible regardless of limitations or disabilities.

So, we made a conscious effort that our colour choices coincided with WCAG guidelines.

However, we want our palette to have adaptability so when we change the palette without drastically changing the tone, keeping our content fresh and so we never feel left behind.

Now the basic foundations have been set we can start building the blocks of our brand, experiment with ideas and as we always do… push the boundaries. As we flex our creative muscles we will only find more questions arise – How do we make our brand reflect our character? Can we make our social posts more engaging? Will Messi leave Barcelona?

99 problems but a typeface and colour ain’t one…