Tall just got taller

Tall just got taller. 79% taller, having formally joined forces with Huddersfield agency 79.

It’s not new news for us. 79 and Tall have been collaborating together for a while. We’ve delivered projects that we are incredibly proud of which clients love. The results were conclusive: we ‘get’ each other and more importantly we discovered our skills and talents are greater than the sum of their parts. A few months down the line, we decided to make the commitment: Tall have officially acquired 79 and incorporated it into our business. BAU, but better. For us and for our clients.

We have long recognised that creative thinking isn’t just about how a concept looks on screen. It’s how it functions – with the user and for the user. It’s how it integrates – data, platforms, networks. Bottom line? The technology matters as much as creative. So, it’s very exciting to finally have creative and technical expertise under one roof as a core part of the offering. Now Tall can make sure every experience is enhanced by the best use of the right technology, both existing and emerging.

Our full capabilities can be viewed here – https://tall.agency/services/.