Tall’s Top Movie Soundtracks

Is your office ever stuck for something different to listen to? …Well! let Tall give you a helping hand.

Here are a few albums that we personally feel are absolute bangers and will make days at the office, whilst its glorious outside, a teensy bit more bearable:



James Bond 

A compilation of the title songs from all the James Bond movies is by far Guy’s absolute favourite. If anyone even mentions “James Bond” in the office there will be this second of silence and then boom! “Diamonds are forever” comes on….again.


Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1

This is the ultimate feel-good playlist that gets put on AT LEAST once a week (you’d think we’d get fed up of it…. apparently not). With the carefully selected song list, that are full of classics, you can’t help but just bop around in your chair whenever it’s on.



I don’t think we have a real explanation for this one, but low and behold it’s on again as I’m typing this out….


Wolf of Wall Street

For days when the team isn’t as good at concentrating in comparison to others, and all we do is shout out “STEEEVE MADDON!”. That one never seems to get old.


Baby Driver

This ones for the days when you need to get stuff done and you just wanna get your head down and crack on! You can easily stay fully determined, whilst subtly being able to hum along to the music.



The Django playlist is most definitely a good eclectic mix of music genres for when you feel like mixing it up a bit.

Happy listening!