Trying to do our bit

We are so pleased to say that we are now Carbon Neutral as a business, supporting a project by Carbon Neutral Britain; the UK’s Carbon Offsetting Initiative that helps British people and businesses make a positive impact on Climate Change. 

Through investing in the Carbon Neutral Woodland Fund, we are offsetting our total carbon emissions. The fund itself supports reforestations, deforestation prevention and woodland management projects. It is already having a positive impact, for example in woodland planting in the UK and preventing deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. 

Our Director, Behrooz Saeed, commented:

“Becoming carbon neutral is just the beginning for us, it’s an area that is close to our hearts but also a hot topic globally. Even though as a business we’re relatively low carbon producers, we wanted to make an immediate impact by offsetting the carbon we produce through Carbon Neutral Britain. We will continue to work with them to audit our emissions annually (so we can offset them), and we’ll take their continued guidance on how we can also reduce them over the next few years.” 

We’re happy to be able to do our bit in helping Climate Change. Check out the link to find out more about how you can get involved: