Unprecedented levels of conversion for CR Smith

We have recently launched a new website for CR Smith, whose unique Lorimer range of doors, windows and extensions has made them the leading home improvement suppliers north of the border. However, their traditional advertising – though excellent for its type – needed bolstering with a complete rebrand across all digital channels to communicate more effectively.

Previous activity focussed mainly on TV, radio, out-of-home, sponsorship and concession partnerships but for the space-age 2020s such methods alone could no longer cut it, while the possibilities of the internet had barely been explored.

If there’s one thing our team enjoys, it’s a challenge! How could we help our client express their personality, products and services in the most effective way, enhancing the company’s reputation for care and quality, yet focusing on the nitty gritty of sales – from initial capture and increasing leads to appointment bookings and orders.

Naturally, we started with Gravity®, our framework for creating an air-tight brief with clear and realistic targets. The next step was defining CR Smith’s core personality principles, which appreciate how greatly customers value space within the home. To reflect the way new windows, doors and glazing can open up interiors for enhanced wellbeing, we applied the same ‘feel’ to our digital branding, creating a greater level of uniformity with updated layouts, user interface elements, typography and functionality to match. 

We’re immensely proud of this one. Not only have we delivered a truly consistent, cross-channel brand experience for CR Smith customers, from acquisition to conversion via paid ads, display and paid social media, but have already seen tangible results across the whole digital spectrum. We’d like to share these but they’re too sensitive – let’s just say, lead generation areas of their new digital spectrum are converting at unprecedented levels. Website engagement metrics have likewise improved dramatically, visitors are spending over 30% more time on the website, bounce back has decreased by 10%, and the conversion increased by an average 78%.