Would you spend £27,000 on a virtual skyscraper message?

Women in China seem to be heading that way. They are spending billions to have relationships with four virtual boyfriends on Evol LoveR, a romance game by Nikki Games.

Recently a 25-year-old player in Shanghai sent her virtual boyfriend a message on a100-story skyscraper in southern China, Shenzhen’s KK100, lit up with an LED banner wishing happy birthday to Li Zeyan — the imaginary boyfriend of millions.

OK, this was a real-world LED Banner for a virtual boyfriend. How long will it be before users are buying up ad space for virtual skyscrapers?

Big brands such as Netflix and McDonalds have been playing with this idea for a while. It’ll be interesting to see how the smaller starter brands, or your average gamer my take a piece of the action.



I’ve been used to receiving all sorts of weird and wonderful digital banner sizes and formats over the years. FLASH, GIF’s, JPEG’s HTML 5, 3D and 2D animations. We’ve created them all…



I would however love to take on the challenge of creating advertising to cut through the noise of a virtual skyscraper landscape.