Embracing and enhancing the wonky for a meat-free market leader

Tofoo Digital Brand & Website


When you are a brand as successful as Tofoo (now the second biggest brand in the meat-free market*), it’s easy for certain things to be overlooked. Tofoo’s rapid growth led to their digital brand,  missing a level of personality that it deserved. Some inconsistencies were evident across their digital platforms, and for a brand growing at 17% year on year, we wanted to help. We identified the areas of the brand that needed strengthening and recommended a digital brand polish before we embarked on the a refreshed website.

The business also felt that the current version of their website did not reflect the brand’s upward trajectory. They wanted a new platform that was easy to edit internally, showcased the Tofoo brand in the best possible way, and offered an engaging and enticing recipe section that conveyed the Tofoo personality and encouraged repeat visits.

After a series of kickoff meetings and workshops, we began crafting a set of brand principles to serve as the cornerstone for evolving and advancing the brand. Immersing ourselves in the meat-free world and building on Tofoo’s existing brand guidelines, we delved into the details of logo applications, typography usage, colour accessibility, illustration style and iconography.

We also looked into new areas like trademark and partnership lockups, motion theory, and sonic identity before evolving the illustration style and putting it to use by creating a set of brand badges. We then focused on developing a versatile graphic device that could be reused throughout the brand. After extensive research, we conceived the idea of a “wonky box,” inspired by side-profile or overhead shots of tofu on a chopping board. This “wonky box” became the foundation for buttons, containers, brand badges and much more.

Building on our work with the brand foundations, we used our discoveries to design a new digital experience that would elevate Tofoo as a leader in the meat-free market. The website, a blend of educational content and brand messaging, serves as a platform for both new and existing customers to deepen their understanding of Tofoo.

The result is a comprehensive set of brand foundations that will support Tofoo’s continued growth and development. Incorporating new elements such as motion and sound theories will enable Tofoo to explore and seize opportunities in new areas. The updated digital experience will offer a wealth of knowledge and support, catering to both tofu newbies and tofoonatics alike.