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Protecting brands

Crisp offer proactive social media and community management moderation and protection for some of the worlds biggest brands and online games.

Elevating and reinforcing the brand's online presence

We had previously worked with Crisp to help develop their brand, creating a vibrant, positive identity which we helped to apply across print literature and even the interior design of the company's Leeds headquarters. We were tasked with continuing this application to their digital identity to further establish the company's online presence.

User Journey


One of the biggest challenges of the project was to take Crisp's detailed proposition and design a presentation that was simple to understand whilst remaining informative. We analysed Crisp's existing site content to see which areas could be reduced or reorganised to make the message simpler. The reworked user journey achieves a balance of both engaging and informative content.



We created a series of custom illustrations to support the explanations of Crisp's services and technological features. In addition to being a visual aid, they allowed us to further reinforce Crisp's new visual identity across the site.


Human + Machine

It was important to communicate that Crisp are a team of dedicated experts and are not just a powerful technological platform - a misconception which had previously detracted from Crisp's overall proposition. In an industry where language is ever changing and interpretation is important, Crisp's team have the experience and expertise to make them leaders in the field. We held a photo shoot in Crisp's Leeds head office to produce a series of images that we used across the website to reinforce this message.


The new Crisp site has been designed and built to be fully responsive - allowing the same content to be delivered to the user across a huge range of web accessible devices. This included considering viewable content areas, identifying whether interactions are by touch or mouse click and optimisation for different load speeds.

These considerations also are very important during content creation to make sure that the same content would work for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The result is an experience that enables Crisp's proposition to be clearly delivered whether the user is accessing the site in the office on a laptop or via a mobile device on the train journey home.


Saying more with fewer words

The new site was created to extend their brand presence online. It is now simple to navigate, accessible across all devices and although still detailed and informative has been supported with engaging graphics to aid the explanation and visually build the brand online.

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