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The Client Logos

The client

The Rugby Football Union is the national governing body for grassroots and elite rugby in England, with 2,000 autonomous rugby clubs in its membership.

The Client Logos

The challenge

As part of the bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2015, England Rugby developed a legacy programme to support Rugby Union at grassroots and in schools. Partnering with Youth Sport Trust, England Rugby wanted to create a website to help teachers access a range of rugby-based resources relevant to the curriculum.

The key audience is primarily teachers but also other members of staff across school. These resources need to make it easy for them to use rugby to engage with pupils across a range of subjects and to support their teachings within the existing curriculum.

The resources bring the opportunities and excitement of rugby into school; to inspire young people inside the classroom and potentially beyond. The resources should also show how the profile and values of Rugby Union are relevant to different learning situations.

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How we met the challenge

Tall worked with England Rugby to create a fully responsive website for their audience. The user journey planning and design phase required a careful approach to engage both teachers and young people.

We created an RFU-branded experience with a simple and intuitive user journey. The user interface was designed for quick and easy registration and download of resources. The resource content is developed by teachers in secondary schools across England and updated regularly to give teachers a reason to return to the site. The look and feel of the website champions rugby and the site’s aim to inspire and encourage teachers to try out some of the ideas and adapt them for their school context.

England Rugby have an admin area to keep track of sign-ups and downloads; providing insight into the site’s success and how it fits into the rest of the World Cup legacy programme. The site is built on a Content Management System so ongoing management of the resources are handled by the RFU.

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Some results

Over 10,000 registered users and
over 34,500 downloads to date

Teachers can easily register to download the England Rugby resources.

England Rugby can use their administration area of the site to keep track on the sign-ups and downloads then see which registered schools have downloaded the most resources. The design also appeals to young people.

  • Simple and intuitive user journey
  • Fully responsive for maximum engagement no matter the device being used to access the site
  • Clean UX and design to engage users
  • Content Management allowing England Rugby to add new resources to the site without any design or development required
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