The Fédération Equestre Internationale TwoHearts: the global campaign
for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

What we did
Strategy, Branding, Campaign Creative, Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics

The client

Rio 2016

The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) is the international governing body of equestrian sports. It promotes equestrianism in all its forms and encourages the development of equestrian disciplines throughout the world.

Rio 2016 Rio 2016

The challenge

No sport is guaranteed its place in the Olympic Games. Equestrian sports have a rich Olympic heritage, however they suffer from being difficult to engage with unless you have a good understanding of the rules and the skills involved. The high cost to participate also contributes to the lack of mass engagement, experience and emotional connection with the sport.

Our mission was to ensure the survival of equestrian sports at the Olympics for the future.

How we met the challenge

A global proposition

As creative lead for the campaign, Tall created a single idea to communicate the uniqueness of equestrian sport. An idea that anyone would understand, in any culture, in any language.

It needed to convey a key insight we discovered about the sport: the relationship between rider and horse.

Two Hearts

TwoHearts communicates the unique essence of the sport in a simple and meaningful way which translates across all markets and territories identified in the campaign, namely Brazil, China, Japan, Russia and the USA. TwoHearts can be interpreted or adapted to suit a range of messaging: personal and professional; physical and emotional; cultural and spiritual.

Brand development

Two Hearts

A symbol is simplest way to embed the proposition into everything a campaign says and does, creating a holistic look and feel. A symbol carries the meaning and bestows it to the audience without the need for language.

The TwoHearts symbol ties together all campaign communications throughout Rio 2016 and beyond.


Tall developed the campaign strategy with a focus on the uniqueness of the sport. The strategy mapped out the campaign journey from purpose to action:

  • Lay the foundations: create an emotional bond with the audience
  • Educate: Introduce the athletes and disciplines
  • Invite action: Motivate the audience to participate and nurture a desire to watch the sport

Communication to the audience was split up into 6 content types:

  • Create awareness
  • Engage with audience
  • Turn on to Equestrainism
  • Educate the audience
  • Arrive at the Rio Olympics
  • After the games

Key creative deliverables

Brand Guidelines

FEI promoted TwoHearts across a vast range of online and offline campaign activity, including Rio events and a number of social platforms. No mean feat and so naturally the TwoHearts brand would be handled by a range of FEI staff, partners and agencies involved in campaign delivery. To support this and ensure consistency across the different brand communications, Tall created a set of campaign brand guidelines that communicated the rationale behind the campaign and how the campaign should be visually expressed.
The guidelines included:
  • Logo size and placement
  • Colour palettes
  • Font typeface
  • Iconography
Rio 2016 Rio 2016

Animation and Motion Graphics

As part of the build-up to the Olympics, FEI presented the TwoHearts campaign to its peers: the 42 National Federations whose teams would be competing and other equestrian professionals, officials and fans.

Watch the animation here:

For the global campaign launch FEI wanted to turn up the volume: to shout about TwoHearts make it clear to its fans and the wider public that equestrian sports are an Olympic force to be reckoned with and something to watch out for at Rio. The video was translated into Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish and promoted across all FEI’s digital platforms with the help of FEI’s media partners Ogilvy and Weber Shandwick.

Watch the video here:

Campaign collateral

Social media was the lead online channel for the campaign and Tall developed a content plan to support FEI in communicating with their fans. Here is a small selection of the social graphics and animations we created:


Double Tap:

Athlete Profiles:

Equestrian Facts:

Gender equality:

Rio 2016 Rio 2016

Rider's relationships with their horse:

My equestrian hero is:

What we achieved

The total worldwide engagement count on the campaign's social platforms was 8,048,932, this included likes, comments, shares and re-tweets.

The FEI brand during the campaign saw an impressive 213,628,334 impressions counted across display and social media.

We also helped grow their social channels by adding 202,262 followers.

“In the build up to the Games, the response to the Two Hearts idea has been tremendous from all corners of the earth. The Olympics represent a really exciting opportunity for all involved and Tall have been an integral part of the team from day one, helping us in our quest to excite audiences that are new to the sport, as we prepare for the greatest sporting arena on the planet.

We needed a unifying concept that would translate in all languages, across all territories and the Two Hearts concept which is simple, contemporary, original and rich with meaning, is truly international.

Now that the Games are starting, I’m looking forward to seeing Two Hearts reach a whole new level as athletes, viewers, fans and audiences - old and new - bring it to life all over the world.”


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