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The client

Pickfords have been helping folk move since the 17th century, when packhorses were the transport mode of choice in rural Cheshire. The packhorses are long gone, and now Pickfords have a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles moving goods and people across the globe.

The challenge

Pickfords know that moving can be incredibly stressful and disruptive to those involved, no matter whether it’s a family upsizing their home or a business relocating or expanding. They have developed an extensive range of services which remove the hassle and make the experience as pain-free as possible. However, the Pickfords website had suffered as a result, with new services being simply bolted on over the years. The site grew into a complicated structure that made the user journey difficult for all of the different users coming to the site. Quite the opposite of the smooth experience Pickfords pride themselves on when it comes to moving about!

Getting the house in order

Our first task was undertaking an extensive audit of the Pickfords website and working with the Pickfords team to identify which content was key in various user journey scenarios.

With this information, the Tall team could then produce a site map to plan a more considered and refined user journey for the different audience types such as home movers, international moving, business relocation and storage.

It’s all about simplicity

When Tall’s design team started work on visualising the UX with wireframes, the core theme to follow was making design decisions based around simplicity for the end user. We implemented an array of what we call ‘quality of life improvements’: design choices that ultimately help the user to either find the desired information quickly through a clever website structure or clearly present them with key call-to-actions in the right areas. A few of these choices lead to an implementation of a comprehensive mega-menu for the main navigation and expandable panels to hide elements that would otherwise clutter the view.

Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2

A more refined digital presence

The design team implemented a UI that reflected our theme of simplicity whilst respecting Pickfords’ brand guidelines. The result is a clean, uncluttered website where users don’t ever feel lost or confused and the most common audiences find that the information they’re probably looking for is already there.

Achieving this same visual simplicity for the mobile experience took some careful thought and design from the team, as the smaller screen size dramatically reduces the amount of visible content.

Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2

Supporting photography

Pickfords commissioned a set of lifestyle photographs to use on the site, so Tall worked with the Pickfords team to determine the number of shots and variety required to use across the site’s many large banners and image tiles. Tall were also involved on the day of the shoot, working alongside the photographer to ensure that each shot was framed to work effectively on the site.

Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2

What we achieved

For such a huge site, we planned and delivered a smart solution. A relatively small set of templates combined with a carefully considered UX structure that made it easy for users to navigate through to the right content. Now users coming to the site find it to be as effective at getting them to their destination as the Pickfords Van.

Since the launch of the new website we’ve seen a conversion increase of 18%.

Lyndsey Wallbank
Marketing Director

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