Pitchero Animated infographic campaign

What we did

Scriptwriting, storyboard, animatics, illustration, voiceover, animation


Marketing to Pitchero's
current membership base,
Tall were asked to help promote the online payment facility available to customers.

10,000 clubs use Pitchero to create their club websites and as part of the package are able to use a feature to collect payments, such as membership fees. Only 600 clubs use this feature at present and so Pitchero were keen to promote the feature more to their existing base. They needed something compelling and creative to demonstrate the benefits and show how easy it is to use.


Who are Pitchero's customers?

We asked a number of club members a small number of specific questions that helped us to identify the keys features, advantages and benefits clubs wanted from an online payment tool. This then helped us to work on the script for the voice-over.



The features, advantage
and benefits.

The film's script needed to be informative and engaging in equal measure. We wanted viewers to quickly grasp the key features and benefits associated with Pitchero's online fee management tool, but also to really identify with the product and brand on a more personal and emotional level.

Our copywriter made sure he understood the audience and its world, identifying problems that club finance officers could easily relate to, and clearly explaining why Pitchero was the perfect solution. We also made sure the script's tone and vocabulary resonated with the audience, using humour and sporting jargon to build a connection. A dramatic increase in uptake proved that our finished voiceover struck the perfect balance.

Illustration & animation

Make it bounce, wobble
and jiggle.

Now then fun part - bringing together the script and storyboard, we began to illustrate all elements of the animation using a style that was representative of their target audience. And because it looked nice, but we can’t really say that, can we?

The Impact

Tall created a video that not only surpassed our expectations, but more importantly connected with our customers in such a way that we now have 1,000 clubs using the feature, an increase of 60%.


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