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Creating waves with impact

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The works. Product branding, 3D modelling, animation, video production, website UX planning, design and build, digital & print literature.

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The client

Unless you work within the printing industry, you may not have heard of Absolute. But, as any insider will tell you, Absolute are the world's premier supplier of woven carbon fiber-chambered doctor blade systems to the flexo industry. In August 2013, they became part of Pamarco who, for 70 years, have led the world in a wide array of industrial printing markets.

The challenge

Absolute presented the Tall team with a real challenge: To help bring an innovative new system they were developing to market. The product - a flexo press cleaning system - utilised ultrasonic anilox cleaning combined with an on-press function that would massively outperform all other anilox cleaning systems in speed, cleaning quality and productivity. 


This unique product was a really big deal. Carefully developed for some time behind closed doors, it was finally ready for its world debut. Just one problem; the new system didn’t yet have a product name. Absolute also needed top-notch promotional material along with a website that would do justice to their superb invention.


We got to work.

Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2

Lots and lots of sticky notes

First on the agenda, we invited Absolute to a workshop, allowing the Tall team to absorb the finer details; the product’s functional capacity and the desired impact it would have on the market.  The workshop helped our strategists, designers and copywriters gain crucial insight into both the product and the client, preparing us for the upcoming stages of the project. We also came up with the product name – Sono.

Brand development

A series of routes were considered for the Sono identity. The one most favoured by both Tall and Absolute emphasised the product’s ultrasonic capability, as suggested by its name.

Some of the logo routes explored

Sensio logos
Sensio image 3
Sensio image 4


Sensio image 5

The final Sono logo

Sensio logo red

Ultrasonic waves

Bold, clean and confident, the Sono logo’s conceptual hook intimates the product’s ultrasonic power. The original wordmark logo ensures gains maximum exposure for Sono as the industry gets familiar with this new kid on the block.

Photography just wouldn’t cut it

For the flexo industry to appreciate why Sono is such a game changer, the system really needs to be seen. Its on-press ultrasonic cleaning functionality is a world first so we knew that showing the audience how Sono operates was key.  To this end, working closely with the Absolute design team, we created Sono in 3D and used the original CAD files to provide high level accuracy in the model.

Once achieved, the 3D Sono model gave Tall’s design team access to a wide variety of angles, levels of detail, environments and lighting styles to virtualise the product and illustrate Sono’s features. Such results would have been extremely difficult with photography.

Sensio image 6
Sensio image 7
Sensio image 8

Showing the power of ultrasonics

Ultrasonic cleaning is a fascinating technology which uses ultrasound through liquid, creating high frequency pressures to force bubbles in the liquid to implode. This bubble implosion creates a microscopic shockwave that, quite literally, blasts away dirt and debris from surfaces.  The process is incredibly effective - removing 100% of dirt – and is ideal for cleaning anilox rollers where even small amounts of old ink residue can cause inconsistent print results.

As the above paragraph will indicate, it’s extremely difficult to describe this technology. Instead, we turned to animation in telling Sono’s story.  During storyboarding, we sought input from scientists working with ultrasonic technology to make sure the finer details were spot-on.  The resulting animation has helped Absolute create a richer, more engaging way of storytelling around the Sono premise.

Sensio image 9

A rich media Sono introduction

We knew the 3D and animation work we’d produced lent themselves perfectly to a visually rich website experience, utilising video, HTML animation and interactive elements.

Sensio image 11
Sensio image 12

Just as rich on the move

It was vital that the site allowed users to experience the same rich functionality on both desktop and mobile devices.

Sensio image 13

Ensuring a strong offline presence 

We also produced a series of offline creative to support Absolute’s team to introduce Sono to existing customers, advertise in the press and make appearances at trade exhibitions.

Sensio image 14 Sensio image 15

What we achieved

As expected, Sono has created major waves in the flexo industry.  With the work we’ve produced, we believe the Sono product now has a strong identity and a cohesive array of both online and offline marketing material – enabling the Absolute team to showcase Sono to the world.

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