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Yorkshire Building Society Tour de France 2014 Grand Départ digital campaign

What we did

Campaign microsite, interactive game, digital screens, online advertising, social media competition and more.

The client

Yorkshire Building Society was the official supporter of the Tour de France 2014 Grand Départ from Yorkshire.

31% brand uplift - People who would consider YBS for a mortgage

The challenge

We were asked take the message ‘proud to be a sponsor and proud to be from Yorkshire’ and use it as the basis for a brand building campaign.

We needed to reach as many audiences as possible – from cycling fans to route audiences, shoppers and even people watching at home. But with huge amounts of other activity surrounding the event, and around two million spectators expected on the roadside, we faced an uphill climb to achieve an impact.

How we met the challenge

At the heart of our campaign was digital and mobile technology, which would bring together cycling enthusiasts, casual spectators and other people in the area.


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Rich Content

We wanted to create a truly eye-catching animation to lead out our campaign and help YBS shine. For this, we used YBS employee Adam Duggelby, an avid GB cyclist and 2013 National Pursuit champion, to cement a strong link with both Yorkshire and the brand.

To achieve the illusion of Adam cycling without a bike in mid-air, which then morphed into him riding the route, needed plenty of detailed planning and trickery. We filmed him both in front of a green screen and cycling parts of the route using high spec cameras and 3D tracking. And, to ensure the footage all fitted together seamlessly, we built a 3D model that we could break apart and animate back together piece by piece.

Our resulting animation then featured on everything from digital screens to the campaign microsite and rich media banners.

3D modelling and animation

It was important to not only achieve something that would be eye catching and current but also detailed and realistic enough that it would seamlessly fit with the other footage. The model had to be built and rigged so it could be broken apart then animated back together piece by piece. The film then seamlessly showed Adam going from the office on to his bike and along the course.

3D model of bike

Film and Production

Ed Clancy was official ambassador for the main event for YBS and we were able to make use of his celebrity status and commission, direct and animate the filming, videography and photography of Ed for a number of short films leading up to the event. Using traditional filming techniques along with some cutting edge drone technology we were able to capture Ed in some fantastic angles and scenes.

Ed Clancy filming
Ed Clancy filming

Interactive game

We knew the majority of visits to the microsite would be via mobile. So, to help engage audiences and build a buzz, we created a short competitive game. And did this within extremely tight timescales so it could be used in the weeks leading up to the event. It was fast, addictive fun and generated a lot of comment on social media platforms.

15,000 game plays
Game character
Mobile game

Digital screens

Campaign messages and content such as our animation were displayed on digital screens in key positions in and around Leeds. The variety in screen sizes and resolutions needed lots of careful planning and consideration from us to ensure the animation worked across all of them.

Digital screens in Leeds

Banner Advertising

We produced over 300 rich media banners for several channels and networks, including Spotify, Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph and ITV. They played a big part in the campaign’s success, attracting more than seven million impressions and 90,000 clicks.

Over 630,000 interactions
Banners displayed in Spotify and Mail Online website

What we achieved

The result of our all-encompassing campaign was a 31% increase in the number of people who’d consider Yorkshire Building Society for a mortgage. With over 630,000 banner interactions, 15,000 plays of our mobile game and 564 pictures posted with our hashtag on social media, people hadn’t just seen the campaign, they’d got involved in it too.

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