Yorkshire Building
Society Group

Digital Screens
What did we do?
Storyboarding, Filming, Art Direction, Animation, Post Production, Compositing

The client

YBS Group is the umbrella company for Yorkshire Building Society, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society and Chelsea Building Society.

The challenge

The pervasion of technology has allowed digital formats to go past the physical constraints of the computer screen. Taking this opportunity, Tall approached YBS with the idea of bringing their traditional print media to life in their key branches around the UK.

The challenge with YBS was to communicate a lot of information in a relatively short space of time whilst still engaging the audience.

The solution

Utilising a combination of video and animation, Tall took campaigns beyond their static origins. Animated text, floating squircles, slow motion video and 2.5D moving photography were all brought together in various sequences to catch the eyes of passers by along the high street.

The success of early screens led to later campaign creative starting with motion in-mind. The videos becoming the core visual to comminicate the latest product offering or service.

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