A digital brand for Scotland’s biggest window manufacturer.

CR Smith

CR Smith has been an established name in Scotland’s business community for 100 years. Today, CR Smith employs over 400 people, operates its own manufacturing plant and runs its own apprenticeship scheme.

They also enjoy strong links into the local community, led principally by Mr Eadie’s long-held commitment to champion young people into work, through the Hand Picked jobs initiative and local sponsorships.

The challenge was, the CR Smith brand was entering a new phase following the company’s long and successful history. This was led by an update of their brand identity which included an overall evolution of their core messaging, tone of voice, colours, type and photography.

As part of this evolution, We were appointed to design the new CR Smith website but also look to fully prepare the brand with a digital-first approach, to ensure a seamless brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

One thing we wanted to make sure was fully realised in digital was CR Smith’s personality. Digital offers us more ways to express a brand’s personality so we began by defining digital core personality principles that complimented the existing CR Smith brand.

CR Smith knows their customers take pride in their homes being an enjoyable space. New windows, doors or glazing can truly enhance a home space for a greater sense of wellbeing. We developed the theme of ‘opening up’ to allow creative expression of this principle in brand communications.

One important area of focus was in how promotions would present across their digital offerings and we worked on expanded guidance for how they should be implemented.

The core personality principles we crested inspired a new CR Smith website design. The updated layouts, user interface elements, typography and functionality of the site could all be designed with a far greater level of uniformity and ultimately feel more aligned with the new brand identity.

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