A cross-channel brand experience for Scotland's largest window manufacturer.

Digital branding, Marketing strategy, Website & Social.

CR Smith

Historically, CR Smith relied heavily on traditional advertising to drive brand awareness and new customer leads. Activity ranged across TV, radio, out-of-home, sponsorship and concession partnerships, to name just a few.

However, the brand used for these channels failed to reflect their business personality and they also realised that digital channels were massively under-utilised. These were problems they wanted to remedy – quickly.

They approached us to see how we could evolve their brand more effectively, communicating their personality, products and services through digital channels, with particular focus on increasing leads, appointment bookings and, ultimately, sales.

Naturally, we started with Gravity®, our framework for creating an air-tight brief with clear and realistic targets.

Digital offers several ways to express a brand’s personality, so we began by defining core personality principles that complimented the existing CR Smith brand. CR Smith appreciates the pride their customers’ take in homes that provide an enjoyable space, so, just as new windows, doors or glazing can truly enhance interiors for a greater sense of wellbeing, we developed a theme of ‘opening up’ to a creative expression of this principle in digital brand communications.

In the process, the core personality principles we created inspired a new CR Smith website design, providing a far greater level of uniformity with updated layouts, user interface elements, typography and functionality more aligned with the new brand identity.

I guess we can let the work do the talking – we’re particularly proud of this one, having delivered a truly consistent, cross-channel brand experience for CR Smith customers, from acquisition to conversion via paid ads, display and paid social. Already, there have been tangible results across the whole digital spectrum, including lead generation areas of their digital real estate which are converting at unprecedented levels (sorry, we’d like to share these but they’re too sensitive!) Website engagement metrics have also improved dramatically, with visitors spending over 20% more time on the website.