With great power comes great responsibility.

Product website.


The Sign Group is a specialist trade manufacturer of bespoke signage for visual merchandisers, shopfitters, retailers and sign companies throughout Europe. With innovation at their heart, they developed NeonPlus® as a safer solution to traditional neon. Our task, to position them as an industry leader, through demonstrating the product benefits in an engaging and innovative way. 

Through Gravity®, we defined the goals of NeonPlus® and developed a strategy.

NeonPlus® has a large range of products, so making this a key sales feature was an important factor. To do this, we accurately portrayed each product in 3D in order to capture the intensity of the illumination from a wide variety of angles. The tool also allowed visitors to customise the products colour, lighting options and rotation for different viewing angles.

Alongside this, we built a new website that enhanced the benefits of the products whilst communicating the passion, craftsmanship and innovation of NeonPlus®.

Now having access to an interactive sales tool, the NeonPlus® sales team can easily showcase its features, resulting in enquiries increasing by 30% and conversions of leads to actual jobs increasing by 100%.

The totally immersive and responsive experience throughout the site has led to an increase in page views by 2,300% and overall NeonPlus® now has a digital platform to evolve, innovate and establish itself as having the most forward-thinking approach in their industry.