A digital brand future with a personal approach.

Digital branding.


Unexpected costs happen to us all from time to time and Provident are often the ones who can help with a cash loan when many others are turning you away for reasons such as poor credit ratings, CCJs or being self-employed. Provident needed their visual identity updating to better reflect their brand personality and prepare them for a more active digital future for the brand.

Provident’s future will be more digital than ever before with an improved website and app experiences coming to their customers and an increase in digital marketing activity. However, a large part of what builds relationships with their customers is that they offer a very personal service to many that need it.

Provident still operate a national team of customer representatives who regularly visit customers in their homes to help them manage their payments, give advice and generally just offer a refreshingly human approach in the world of finance. The challenge was to create an updated brand identity that was ready to embrace the speed and convenience that the digital world offers but retain that all-important personality.

We worked with Provident to initially evaluate their whole brand output and identify specific areas of focus for the team to develop. One main area was updating core brand assets such as logo, colour and typography with digital consideration for usage and accessibility.

Our team also created graphic devices, iconography, animation principles, user interface styles, UX principles and sonic identity.

Before all this work was tackled though, we worked to develop a set of core brand principles to ensure that the Provident brand personality could be woven throughout the brand creative – inspiring everything from the style of digital buttons to the speed of animated transitions.