A brand transformation for a digital bank

Digital branding, Website, App & Design system.


In the age of fast-moving fintech brands, Vanquis Bank needed to better reflect the innovation and human-first approach within the business to existing and new customers. Our challenge was to work with the current logo identity and build a new digital first brand from the ground up.

We partnered closely with the in-house teams to reimagine their existing brand with a new vision. Everything from wider flexible digital colour pallets, to creating visual metaphors to better showing the brand personality. All aimed at taking what was a ridged corporate brand to something that is much more flexible and customer focused.

A clear journey

We use our brand visually to help create a natural understanding of the progress, but we also use it in our content and communication strategies. We take a step back and design the end to end journey the customer is on, ensuring that at every step it feels like Vanquis should feel.

Visual metaphors for a real personality

This brand is all about making customers feel they’re on a journey with them.

We created a brand that keeps the dialogue open and honest, tailoring the visual themes and messaging to reflect the many customer’s situations.

The feeling of simplicity

Failure to see the obvious, and to over-complicate, is something we strived to avoid. We delivered a brand that allows future information, tools, and products in a way that reduces anxiety, avoids headache and removes frustrations.

In the spotlight


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