A brand transformation for a digital bank

Digital branding.


Vanquis were in the process of refreshing its brand to better reflect its renewed customer-focused proposition. With multiple designs, communications, engineering and marketing teams needing to utilise the brand for the group’s digital channels and products, we were tasked to take them to the next stage of development and digitally transform the brand.

Created a new digital brand that was bound by a set of digital personality principles. Building, journey and control are at the core of Vanquis’visual brand, influencing the main colour system, graphical device and visual metaphors. These enable Vanquis to tell their story through motion, user experience themes and user interface experiences in an engaging way that relates to the customer needs.

A customer-focused, inclusive, accessible and fully flexible digital brand that works across all Vanquis digital channels. A detailed set of living, breathing digital guidelines now live as a brand hub, allowing access to 100’s of designers, developers and marketers to create new communications, content and product, efficiently and with consistency.

“The challenges we faced were multi-faceted. It was not fit for digital products. It didn’t resonate with our customers. And it didn’t fit the intended future direction of the bank. The brief to Tall was to keep the core visual elements – the logo and our core colour – but to take everything else and re-imagine it to work for a modern digital bank. The result was a new visual identity built around the complex needs of our users and channel technologies, that provided clear rules of use for today whilst being flexible enough for future needs. It was the catalyst for a redesign of our digital channels and content strategies and helped align the different business areas around a new digital vision.”


Andrew Larking
UX and Digital Design Lead