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The client

Ed Stafford is an explorer (and a hero of ours) who holds the world record for being the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River . He has also spent 60 days on a deserted pacific island without any water, food or tools and survived without provisions in some of the world’s most uninhabitable environments.

Ed Stafford Ed Stafford

The challenge

Outside his popular Discovery Channel show Marooned with Ed Stafford, he’s not as well known as you’d think (yet). We wanted to help Ed reach beyond his fan-base and introduce him and his adventures to a wider audience. Part of Ed’s success to date has been his video blogging which gives people intimate access into his adventures: Tall needed to develop upon that to provide an interactive experience for both existing fans and newcomers.

Ed Stafford Ed Stafford
Ed Stafford Ed Stafford

How we met the challenge

Firstly we developed a look and feel that would work online to connect Ed's visual identity more closely with the outdoors, exploration and adventure. We decided to re-launch his website with an interactive video experience that offers a unique perspective into a survival challenge alongside Ed himself.

An interactive experience

Working in partnership with Leeds-based video production company Fresh Cut Creative, we created a video narrative that places the user with Ed during a Marooned style survival challenge.

Depending upon the user’s choices, the story develops down a different narrative path. Choose wisely and success will be theirs; choose badly and Ed will or failure at each stage of the challenge means

The resulting successes and failures contribute to a narrative result that is customised to each user.

Eds Story

For people that don’t know Ed it’s a great catapult straight into his world. The self filmed format, which mimics Ed’s Discovery show Marooned shows Ed isolated and exposed. He invites us, the audience to share the experience with him even when it’s not going to plan or a costly mistake in judgement leaves him desloate.

For Ed’s fans, who will be only too familiar with his character this will be a new way to experience Ed’s world. The interactive elements present something they can’t get from the shows. They are now the ones making the decisions and ultimately participating in their own Ed Stafford survival story.

This was integrated into social to allow people to share their survival success (or failure) with their friends

Epic images

Whether he’s been wading chest deep through the Amazon river or stranded naked on a deserted pacific island, Ed’s travels around the globe means there’s no shortage of stunning imagery we wanted to showcase on Ed’s new site. We also worked with Leeds based Fresh Cut Creative to shoot some awesome animated cinemagraphs.

Ed Stafford Ed Stafford
Ed Stafford Ed Stafford

Social content

Ed is no stranger to a video camera having documented a momentous 2 year trek along the Amazon river. Ed’s excellent rapport with a camera and amazingly diverse and exciting lifestyle makes for some seriously great social content. A high priority for the project was to create a worthy home for the content of all his social channels so fans only need to look in one place to easily see everything Ed is up to.

Ed Stafford Ed Stafford
Ed Stafford Ed Stafford

What we achieved

We believe that everyone should know about people like Ed and we’re confident that more of the world soon will. Ed’s new digital presence gives a greater platform for him to not only reach out better to his existing fans, but present himself to a wider range of potential new fans. The interactive experience encapsulates Ed’s personality with a touch of light hearted fun that we think is a great online experience.

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