All you’ll need for Christmas

Winter is coming and that can mean only one thing… No, you don’t need to march south to escape the White Walkers, it means Christmas is nearly here! Be prepared for this year’s festivities and impress your clients by producing something a little different, something creative, something that your clients will enjoy.

An animated treat

Simple animations to use on your social channels, website or even email can be an engaging way to celebrate the festive mood.


Simple yet thoughtful

As you well know, Tall are advocates of everything digital, however, on occasion, it’s nice to go with something a little more traditional. A run of digitally printed greeting cards will do the trick nicely.


A famous Christmas message

East 17’s ‘Stay another day’ was brought to Leeds back in 2015 as we filmed our own pop video to celebrate Christmas. A shoestring budget, lots of energy and a load of laughs were had to create this.

For that special customer

There is nothing better than receiving a special gift from your supplier/partner, what better way than packaging up some craft beers in bespoke packaging.



These are just a handful of ideas to get your creative juices flowing, how about popping in to see us for a brew or giving us a call to chat through how we can make this festive period unforgettable for your customers. Talk to Guy or Behrooz on 0113 243 0051 or drop us an email at