Back in the game with our first face-to-face event of the year!

In September, Leeds Digital Festival gave us the excuse to host our first face-to-face event of the year (finally!)

Here Comes Everybody delved into the importance of inclusive design and the challenges that brands come across when trying to include everyone. 

The intimate event led by our own Guy Utley and Andrew Larking from Vanquis Bank was accompanied by a free bar that, as you can imagine, helped settle the nerves for what was about to be a great evening full of familiar faces and some friendly new ones.

“As designers, we design for regulated environments and when something is regulated it means that the impact of our decisions can have serious consequences”

Our talk aimed to show you what to look for when trying to understand your audience, how we approach designing for everyone and our ongoing journey to inclusive design. And this wasn’t just any old event, we went all guns blazing with a professional videographer who captured the true essence of the talk and the meaning behind it brilliantly. Watch it now below: 

A big thank you to the Vanquis team, and the help from the Leeds Digital Festival team to make this happen. We look forward to more in the future.