Bringing the energy back with byDiffusion

We’re over the moon to announce our Partnership with our new friends, byDiffusion; a bespoke people-focused consultancy that helps businesses reach their full potential and provides leaders the space to truly understand what their business needs and opportunities really are.

By developing plans to enable change, byDiffusion covers digital or tech as well as new team structures or cultural changes.

Knowing that people always play an integral role in implementing any sort of change, byDiffusion put people at the forefront, focusing on finding solutions that unlock the collective power of all involved.

So, where do we come in? Our goal was to develop an engaging, story-driven brand and website to ensure byDiffusion stick out in the crowded consultative market and illustrate their distinctive value proposition: to help businesses find a clear path forward with the confidence and enthusiasm they had on day one.

It was important to us to humanise the brand and make it feel accessible, no matter the type of business. This allowed us to help shift the perception of business/digital consultants away
from the perceived industry standard of being serious and intimidating.

We created all graphic elements including the logo, colours, typography, iconography, and graphical style, which were brought to life through the new website.

It was important that the brand not only gave byDiffusion a slick, professional appearance but also reflected their personality. The energy and positivity that byDiffusion bring to their client’s challenges sets them apart from their competition so it was crucial for their visual appearance to match – leading to the brand having a vibrant and bold use of colour to contrast an otherwise clean & minimal presentation. Andy Beckwith – Head of Design

Visit the new website here: