Creative Directors round table round-up

I remember the first round table I was invited to… I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

Was this going to be another early morning networking event held over bacon butties and crap coffee with the majority of people in oversized suites they dusted off?

I was glad to find out that those days were long gone. Well for me anyway!

These sessions are now at lovely locations and are full of forward-thinking, eager marketers from all sorts of backgrounds. Nevertheless, all have similar questions, queries and odd problems.

This was an opportunity for us all to understand what problems are being faced and what different solutions might work to tackle those problems. Sharing this knowledge for the benefit of each other helps speed up the progress of the business and stops people wasting energy, time and budget on areas that aren’t likely to work for them.

Thank you to all the companies that contributed to the last round table.

My advice is get together with other marketeers and leaders to learn from one another because at the end of the day, we’re all in the same boat.

Let me know at if you’d like to come to the next round table.

Founder and Creative Director of Tall, Guy Utley.