Educating the nation on the cost of living with Vanquis Bank

We are all aware of the cost of living crisis that is facing the nation at the moment. More than ever, consumers will be expecting advice and support from financial services brands and we helped Vanquis Bank realise their ambition to help consumers.

Vanquis Bank, were keen to support the nation and their customers through creating education content that is designed to help customers navigate the increases and look at ways to reduce spending.

Together with the Vanquis brand and marketing team, we developed a cost of living microsite, to house a ‘cost of living’ calculator along with useful support guides and tips on reducing the higher cost of living costs.

The Vanquis Cost of Living Calculator was created to provide practical support for people trying to understand how to cut costs and manage their budgets. The calculator demonstrates how Vanquis is doing something tangible to help consumers during the cost-of-living crisis and amplify their customer proposition.

Here at Tall, we began by considering the user and how best to communicate around a sensitive topic area. Therefore, in designing the calculator, we carefully planned the user journey and ways of presenting the calculator results and tips which took into account that the results could be a cause of concern for users. 

It was also important to think about how the results of the calculator would be received by not only the Vanquis customer but non-customers too, and making a calculator that was as easy to use and understand as possible was central to our approach. The results and tips are presented in a way that allows the user to easily modify the imputed numbers, for comparison on a monthly and yearly basis and have access to relevant support tips with ease.

See how the calculator works here: