Just virtualise it

Who are they?

Virtual Resolution (or ‘VR’ as they are more commonly referred to) is an award-winning CGI and animation studio. They create stunning 3D visualisations for clients across a wide range of sectors, including residential, hospitality, commercial, leisure, MOD, industrial, retail and transport.

Why did they need our help?

VR came to us as they wanted to bring their website into the 21st century. For a company that uses such state-of-the-art technology, their website did not reflect this. Our task was to create a contemporary, modern and responsive design, whilst also giving their visual identity a bit of a touch-up along the way.

How did we make this happen?

We gave the VR monogram a bit of a facelift and switched on dark-mode. Whilst this was primarily a web project, we did tidy up their visual identity as this helped to inform the website design. This darker approach provides clarity and contrast, allowing the work to stand out, whilst using the striking teal to draw attention to any call-to-actions at key points of the page.


Show me the projects!

One of the main focuses of this redesign was to create more of a dedicated projects page for VR. Previously, the homepage served as a showcase for work which made it incredibly long, cluttered and confusing.



Adopting more of a case-study approach was an obvious solution, allowing each project to have its own focus as well as being able to document the story behind it if needed. This also allows much greater flexibility and future-proofing when it comes to adding new projects further down the line.


Jargon busting

Another important part of this project was to put our feet in the shoes of a potential client, who let’s face it, may not be quite clued up on the wonderful world of 3D. There’s certainly a lot of jargon being thrown around, so it’s important to know your geometry from your photogrammetry!

We combatted this problem in a few different ways. Firstly, the ‘Services’ page, which gives a short summary of each type along with a visual example, which then links out to that particular case study.

Secondly, by including a comprehensive glossary and FAQs section. VR already had this content but it had been scattered here, there and everywhere on their previous website. Making this a standalone page was a no-brainer.

Let the work do the talking

VR makes amazing, life-like renders of interiors, architecture and furniture. Based on this, it was important to let them steal the limelight, especially for case studies. We wanted to keep the images untreated, which meant not adding any overlays or text so you could really pay attention to the detail and complexity of these images.

Filtering, filtering and more filtering

Because it is important for potential clients to see projects only of interest to them, we introduced a filtering system. This allowed customers to view projects by sector (i.e commercial/residential) or by type (e.g furniture modelling). With the vast array of work that VR creates, it is important to quickly narrow down your search preferences and view content tailored to you.

The site is now live and you can check it out via the link: https://www.virtualresolution.co.uk