New year, new face at Tall…

Hi! My names Emily and I’ve joined Tall as an apprentice Digital Marketing Executive. I love online shopping, food (probably a little too much) and I could never live without Instagram and Snapchat.

How was it entering the digital world?

I’ve never worked at a digital marketing company before, so it’s safe to say I was a little nervous to begin with. The teams been so welcoming though. Everyone’s made me feel so supported and taken me under their wings.

What didn’t you expect?

How varied each day can be. One day I might be doing background information on clients I’ll be working with, and another I might be attending a video shoot and taking behind the scenes photos for social. It’s fab!

What have you learnt?

Even after only being here a month, I’ve already learnt so much and the list is ever-growing. I’ve really been pushed out of my comfort zone (but in the best sort of way).

For one, I’ve learnt about all the different social algorithm’s and how utterly mind-boggling they are because they’re forever changing! I’ve also learnt to be more efficient with tools like Google Sheets.

Plus, I’ve now been titled ‘The Oracle of Sprout Social’ (might not have the same ring to it as say… ‘The Queen of England’ does, but I’ll take it) and it’s my responsibility to organise posts, respond to messages and gather reports.

What job would you be terrible at?

A teacher. I just have nowhere near the required patience levels to deal with kids five days a week.

Do you have any quirks?

I have a weird obsession with vinegar. It’s so bad but SO GOOD.

What’s one of the worst thing’s that’s ever happened to you?

When I was younger I once accidentally sat on a wasp and let me tell you… I would NOT recommend it (ouch).