Our Delicious Partnership with The Tofoo Company

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our partnership with The Tofoo Company, the UK’s leading tofu brand.

We’re set to design and develop a fantastic website that not only highlights their products and personality but also offers users an experience as lively as the brand itself, boosting their digital presence.

Thryth Jarvis, Head of Marketing at The Tofoo Co., expressed confidence in Tall Agency, saying, “Tall was by far the best agency we spoke to. They truly understand our brand, and the creative ideas presented during the pitch were incredibly impressive to see. We have full confidence that Tall will be a great partner to work with.”

Guy Utley, Creative Director at Tall Agency, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “When we receive interest from brands like Tofoo that are already doing great work, it’s exciting to see where we can push it further and where we can level up the experience. The team had so many ideas, and it really showed in what we were able to present. We’re delighted to have been selected and trusted with this brand. We hope it is the start of a long-term partnership for Tall and Tofoo.”

This partnership is taking Tall to new heights and our team is pumped up to serve up an insanely awesome digital experience for Tofoo.