Tall wins global SharkNinja pitch

We are thrilled to announce that we have secured a partnership with the globally renowned consumer technology brand, SharkNinja. This exciting collaboration follows a meticulous selection process, where we emerged victorious amidst strong competition.

Our expertise in crafting design systems aligns seamlessly with SharkNinja’s unwavering commitment to maintaining brand consistency and championing efficient digital experiences.

We have a proven track record, and I am confident in our ability to create a design system that will deliver a huge range of benefits, including brand consistency and speed of delivery.

Lee Wells, Global VP of Digital Experience at SharkNinja, has expressed confidence in our capabilities, stating, “Tall’s understanding and future consideration of the design system is impressive, and we look forward to a successful collaboration.”

Our commitment to delivering outstanding projects, combined with our proven expertise in design systems, positions us as an ideal partner for SharkNinja’s journey of sustained growth and innovation.