The free four pack and six emails

I think every man and their dog has seen or heard about the recent BrewDog’s “Lost Lager Plant Friendly Giveaway” and some of us over here at Tall were lucky enough to grab a couple of packs.

Other than the top-tier beer, there was one thing in particular that stood out to us…How much BrewDog kept us in the loop! From brewing, all the way to dispatching, we received a total of 6 emails. 

Whilst the email designs are arguably on the functional side in terms of design, (dare we say) it’s not always about style. In BrewDog’s case, substance – in the form of well-timed, relevant content – definitely won out.



Making the most of what would normally be a purely functional customer interaction, BrewDog used this as a brand-building opportunity. Keeping customers up to date, whilst offering a little insight into their brewing process, allowed us to feel connected to the brand. Bringing to life the BrewDog story through automated and minimal design in a simple, yet highly effective way. 

And all for something that didn’t cost us a penny!

The question is, if a business can offer customers this level of communication with a free four-pack then why isn’t it more commonly practised when making bigger, more considered purchases? 


So why is customer engagement so important?

An article from DoDigital explains that “brands are so often concerned with acquisition, clicks, and conversions, it can be easy to forget the importance of the moments in between. Engaging customers between and beyond purchases will strengthen their emotional connection with your brand. Stronger connections between your customer and the brand will help you retain your hard-won customers.”

BrewDog is the perfect example of how effective email marketing can be when customer experience is always front of mind. Something we understand rather well and are pleased to see more and more brands embracing. Incorporating email marketing into customer experience management doesn’t have to be an expensive, timely process and is something that should be considered by brands everywhere.