The Leeds Digital Charity Ball

When we can we are keen to lend a hand to causes that really matter. That’s why we’re super thrilled to be jumping on board as sponsors for this year’s Leeds Digital Charity Ball.

Last year, we saw first-hand how lots of businesses came together and managed to raise a whopping £100,000.  And we’re itching to help do it all over again!

This shindig isn’t just about fancy suits and glamorous gowns. It’s about making sure everyone gets a fair shot in this digital age. We’re talking about bridging the gap and making sure no one gets left behind.

So, with Tall in the mix, we’re hoping to give a boost to those awesome organisations that are all about making tech accessible to everyone and building up those essential skills.

We truly believe it’s these little gestures that can create ripples of change in the lives of many.

For more information on how you can be involved, visit –