It’s 2017 and UX Design is getting all grown up

The jury is back in. The critics and gurus have said their piece. What has made it onto the many list of 2017 digital trends?  What most people agree upon is that VR, AI and chatbots are going to make their mark this year. Exciting stuff. We’re dawning on an age of user experiences tapping into this.  Forward-thinking brands should start thinking about how to incorporate this into their plans.

The Tall view

At Tall, we are very curious about what else is in store. We see a lot of conflicting digital design trends and ultimately they will always be contextual.  We love advances in web fonts, browser rendering and complex layouts. We love how they’ve allowed designers to give graphic design a worthy home in the digital world. Now simply add animation, interaction, audio and we have a recipe for some stunning digital experiences.

Behind the scenes, we continue to admire the establishment of standard UX design principles.  Yes, rules rule ok! Rules which help designers craft streamlined experiences that deliver information more effectively than ever. Lots to look forward to in 2017.

Also getting noticed is the concept of ‘Intelligent’ UX design.  Making intelligent assumptions about the user – we like to use our brains here, not just rely on cold hard data. If you were to marry that up with some contextual UX design that changes for different users (say, different navigation for children) then you have some extremely powerful UX design to harness for a wide range of applications in design.

So there is our 2p, and we wanted to share it with you.  As an added bonus, here are a couple of our favourite write-ups and round-ups for design and UX trends coming to a device near you this year.

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