YBS First Time Buyers Report

The pursuit of a home

Our Friends at YBS have recently been speaking to lots of different people about home ownership, many of whom were already making plans to buy their first home. They wanted to know their thoughts and opinions on buying a house for the very first time and what their experiences had been so far.

So, where did we come into this I hear you say? Well, they had all this useful information they’d gathered with some pretty insightful stats about a variety of issues that first time buyers face today. They wanted to represent this information in an engaging format and had considered an infographic. However, we wanted to bring it to life more and created a landing page for the YBS website complete with animation and custom illustrations.



Illustrative purposes…

We’d been working on a variety of projects with YBS using a new illustration visual identity style and felt this was perfect for the piece.



Check out the live report here!