YBS Mortgage Help Guide Animations

YBS Animation

Recently, here at Tall we were tasked by our good friends at Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) to create five video guides to cover a whole range of subjects including re-mortgaging, ISAs and why customers should choose YBS. The videos needed to be short (1 and 1 ½ minutes in length) yet communicate a lot to the audience. With this in mind, we decided to produce animated content with a supporting voiceover.

So why animation?

We knew that catching, and keeping someone’s attention can be tough… no matter the topic. YBS use a lovely illustrative visual style in much of their promotional material which we knew would be perfect to bring to life with animation. The combination of the illustrative animation supported by a voiceover allowed for versatile storytelling that helped us elevate YBS’s objectives to a whole new level. We wanted to make sure that the on-screen visual was engaging without just being a ‘word for word’ replica of the voiceover. We chose to represent each of the animations’ using a metaphorical visual language. This ranged from using apple trees to represent savings or flying kites for ISAs.

The resulting videos are an engaging and fun alternative to text content that communicate their subjects well.  YBS were also able to use the visuals we produced in the supporting promoting content on the YBS website and on their social media channels.

Remortgaging: How to apply


The purpose of this guide was to explain the remortgage process in simple terms. The key requirements for the animation included what a remortgage is and how it is applicable to a mortgage customer, how a remortgage works generally (and how long it typically takes) and a brief overview of the YBS specific process in steps.

Why choose YBS?


The aim of this guide was to promote awareness and consideration of YBS as a brand. Plus give a succinct overview of what makes YBS special, including what it means to be a mutual organisation and why YBS members are at the heart of everything they do.

Switching your mortgage deal: A guide for existing customers


The objective for this guide was to feature YBS’s ‘end to end’ mortgage switching process for existing customers and show how this as a better alternative to remortgaging with another provider.  The key content requirements included how switching to a new mortgage deal with your current provider is not the same as remortgaging with a new mortgage provider, what switching to a new mortgage deal entails, when would you be eligible to switch and what does the YBS process actually look like.

Offset Mortgages


The purpose of this guide was to explain Offset as a mortgage option and breakdown the features and benefits of the product (this included friends and family linking their savings to an Offset Mortgage through Offset Plus). The animation had to cover such things as what is an Offset Mortgage and how does it work? As well as the features and benefits of one, and a quick intro to Offset Plus.

Guide to ISA’s


ISAs can be daunting if you’re new to them, so this animation presented a quick and simple guide to what they are and some of the different types. As well as their benefit to customers, and what to look out for when choosing a product. Other key elements of the guide included the different types of ISAs and how to transfer an existing ISA to a new one.