Empowering the customer by providing control and access delivered at their fingertips.

Digital branding. Strategy.


Satsuma’s mission is to put a stop to money worries and help customers find a more positive financial path. Their goal is to provide loans when others won’t and give customers the ownership and control of paying it back.

Previously, Satsuma’s brand had worked effectively from an offline perspective but with digital being at the heart of their strategy, these brand guidelines struggled when being applied to their range of digital communications. Our challenge was to work to enhance the Satsuma brand with digital thinking at its core.

We worked alongside Satsuma’s in-house marketing team to apply a digital-first approach to the brand. This started with an evaluation of all Satsuma’s brand communications to identify where the most crucial digital areas of focus needed to be.

We then developed a new set of core personality principles that would help inspire the new range of creative expressions that digital now offers. These new principles don’t replace but sit alongside Satsuma’s core brand to offer a more clear direction of how to fully realise the Satsuma personality through their digital creative.