A brand that gives you a lift

Digital branding, Website & Email.


Sunflower cares about the financial future of their customers, providing solutions that keep them moving in a positive direction. A bright and positive personality, that explains complex information simply, with clarity was the focal point of the brand and needed to be conveyed across everything they did. Our challenge was to firstly create a visual identity system that reflected this but also support, not only the customer, but the marketing team, to provide a user friendly website that allowed the brand to shine and be easy to use.  All needed in a tight timeframe.

To kick things off our team worked to develop a set of brand personality principles that reflected the brand’s new positive identity. These principles helped to inspire the Sunflower blooms. A new, versatile brand element with enough creative flex to elevate the brand in a vibrant and positive way.

We had a strong foundation from the initial site designs, and so our task now was to create a versatile CMS, taking the current designs to the next level, allowing for the management of current content, as well as any future updates. 

We began with a workshop to define any potential future content requirements with the output being an extensive module and components list that would give Sunflower the flexibility to update the content quickly with a consistent, UX-led design.

Meeting the deadline? With our skilled team and network of trusted partners we set out a road map to ensure that we could deliver this on time and within budget.

A brand that came to life in the digital world. Whether looking to inspire, explain or inform, the brand elements were designed to be versatile. Able to visually support a range of communication, from key product features to engaging storytelling moments, they can dial-up with animation to be more expressive or function more simply in supporting the UI.

This supported by an easily manageable modular CMS build, with interchangeable module blocks, cut the time needed to update pages and provided a solid design framework for future website growth. 

Delivered a digital brand, and website comprising 79 + modules within 18 weeks.