A brand that gives you a lift

Digital branding, Website & Email.


Sunflower cares about the financial future of their customers by providing solutions that keep them moving in a positive direction. Our challenge was to create a visual identity system that reflected their positive brand purpose.

To amplify Sunflower’s core branding with a modern, digital-first look and feel. Bringing to life a bright, positive brand personality whilst also offering the ability to convey complex information – simply and with clarity.

Something is blossoming

Our team worked to develop a set of brand personality principles that reflected the brand’s new positive identity. These principles helped to inspire the Sunflower blooms. A new, versatile brand element with enough creative flex to elevate the brand in a vibrant and positive way.



Flexibility for growth

The addition of iconography also played a key role in bringing the Sunflower brand to life online. Whether looking to inspire, explain or inform, the iconography was designed to be versatile. Able to visually support a range of communication, from key product features to engaging storytelling moments, they can dial-up with animation to be more expressive or function more simply in supporting the UI.

In the spotlight