An agile design system to streamline a large organisation.

Brand design system.


Vanquis are continually evolving to meet the ever changing demands from their customers. Whether that’s improving customer journeys, adding in new functionality or looking into the development of future products and services, their challenge is ensuring consistency in output across their many teams. To achieve this they identified a design system accessible to all at Vanquis would be an effective solution.

The first steps were to identify what the design system needed to include and who were the main beneficiaries. All Vanquis teams were considered across marketing, brand, UX, design and content disciplines.

We identified the design system would be most effective if housed across two main software systems: BrandHub and Figma.

The BrandHub platform acts as the central entry point for all Vanquis teams and provides access to brand guidelines, assets and information on designing for accessibility or their research into UX for vulnerable customers. This allows most teams quick and effective day-to-day brand access.

Sections of BrandHub also act as a signposting system to Vanquis’ Figma projects so the design teams have direct access to more specific design files.

The Tall and Vanquis design teams collaborated using Vanquis’ Figma platform to create full component libraries to support both website and app projects.

The improved agility amongst the various teams is fuelling innovation and business growth as teams can focus on developing new products, services and tools to help their customers without having to worry about their old frustrations such as repetitions of work or lengthy QA & compliance processes.

Stitch is also now managed by Vanquis so their own teams can continue to evolve the design system as the organisation grows in addition to having a great tool to bring new team members more quickly up to speed.

Stitch was born.

Of course we gave it a name! Stitch is now accepted and understood by all Vanquis teams, enabling them to have a high level of consistency at scale across the organisation.

The Figma components system has streamlined their design processes whether this is aiding rapid prototyping for customer testing or design teams having the reassurance that UI elements are pre-approved and tested by the development team.