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The client

Unless you work within the printing industry, you may not have heard of Absolute. But, as any insider will tell you, Absolute are the world's premier supplier of woven carbon fiber-chambered doctor blade systems to the flexo industry. In August 2013, they became part of Pamarco who, for 70 years, have led the world in a wide array of industrial printing markets.

The Tall team previously helped Absolute successfully launch their new product “Sono” in late 2017.

The challenge

Absolute approached us following the success of the Sono campaign which left the main brand a little in the background. Moving forward, Absolute needed an identity that was strong, consistent and flexible enough to house all the different products. Pushing the main brand back to the front of people’s minds and show the Absolute brand as the umbrella to the 4 main products: Sono, Inksave, Chamber3, Uniblade2.

After taking part in our Gravity workshop to help align the vision and create a strategy to deliver a brand website, 3D product ranges, animations, brand development and collateral.

“I found Gravity to be a really valuable method of gaining a customer perspective of how your product looks and fits in a competitive landscape. Going through it highlighted things we'd never thought of.”

Antony Whiteside
Managing Director, Absolute

A product driven site allows them to showcase how they are world leaders in product design.

Not only was it vital to launch the new digital brand and website to cement themselves as market leaders but to help provide a platform for Absolute to strengthen existing relationships, expand new markets, improve resources and create better selling tools for agents.

Full spectrum of solutions

Absolute need to be easily identifiable, be exciting, be responsive and always front of mind for their audience. The first task was to create a brand system to cooperate with all their existing and potentially new products. This was established by creating a brand marque that could encompass the product when shown individually or as a group – also the colours need to live cohesively between main brand and product highlight colours.

Four products one brand

World leaders in design

Rebuilding the whole range of products in 3D to easily showcase how the products work and highlight key performance functionalities – helping customers easily identify what they need.

Creating the products in 3D gave us the opportunity to exploit camera angles too difficult to achieve with a real world photo shoot and we were also able to show product cross-sections and internal shots to highlight key features.

Ultra-extreme close up product detail shot
Product detail shot

Performance is key

Absolute pride themselves in delivering the best value for their customers and having products that compete when it comes to performance, precision and quality. That's exactly why we built their new website with these three things at its core.


Absolute icon set

Graphical Devices

Absolute Graphical Devices
Absolute Graphical Devices
Absolute Graphical Devices
Absolute Graphical Devices
Absolute Graphical Devices
Absolute Graphical Devices

Tools for success

The “Brand Hub” is an essential tool for Absolute and enables agents around the world to access resources, from brand assets to sales presentation – the dashboard provides brand resources, product assets, guidance on usage and allows Absolute to instantly update marketing materials for everyone to use 24/7.

Brand hub

Shaping the future

The result is the biggest transformation in the brand’s history and to live in a constantly evolving market Tall delivered a brand to lead Absolute into a new era. Now they have the tools to propel the brand forward – Absolute can galvanise its internal teams and shape the future of the flexo industry.

Absolute website desktop
Absolute website mobile

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