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The client

The Sign Group are a specialist trade manufacturer of bespoke signage for the visual merchandisers, shopfitters, retailers and sign companies industries throughout Europe.

Handmade in Yorkshire, NeonPlus® was born from developing a safe, robust, and high-quality alternative to real neon. Their product NeonPlus® brings the brightest and best lighting ideas to life.

The challenge

Starting in 2020, restrictions on the amount of Mercury used in Neon products will be put in place, therefore limiting the manufacturers and potentially the colours available to the market. The Sign Group are keen on innovation and NeonPlus® was developed as a safer solution to traditional neon.

After producing NeonPlus® for their partners and shop design agencies, they are ready to position it as the industry leader and our task was to ensure that all the benefits and product options came across in a bright and brilliant way.

See the world in a new light

Through a series of workshops, we engaged with the project team and representatives from The Sign Group – the first incentive was to define the target market for NeonPlus® and communicate the passion, impact and dynamic aspects of the brand in the digital world. Establishing a new look and feel to reignite their brand for a new digital experience, to engage with new audiences and showcase their products to become an innovative game changer for its industry.

Challenge the expected

NeonPlus® has a large range and variety of products, so we emphasised on their “product range” section was an important factor to be used as a sales tool – a simple yet effective UI and UX so the user can easily navigate the rich media experience when browsing.

Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2

Collaboration was key

The design team decided to accurately portray each individual product that 3D was the best route to capture the intensity of the illumination, a wide variety of angles, levels of detail and how the product interacts within the environment. The tool allows visitors to customise the products colour, lighting options and rotate through a 270° angle.

Taking the lead on UI and UX, our designers and developers worked together to collaborate and conquer the challenge of transitioning seamlessly through the range within a responsive platform, so careful treatment for each device size was necessary to keep an agile user journey and intuitive design. Prototyping ran in parallel to the design process, with the development team creating elements of coded motion to add the necessary level of fineness and personality to the experience.

Sensio image 1
Sensio image 2

Everything is illuminated

Tall were keen to showcase the benefits of the product but still communicate the passion, craftsmanship and awesomeness of the client – delve into ways for the user to stay engaged by creating a fixed hero banner on the landing page, directing the user to scroll to illuminate and keep fluidity throughout the site when the user navigates through and prepare to explore.

Sensio image 11
Sensio image 12

What we achieved

Now having access to an interactive sales tool NeonPlus® sales team can easily showcase its features, resulting in enquiries increasing by 30% and conversions of leads to actual jobs increasing by 100%.

The totally immersive and responsive experience throughout the site has led to an increase in page views by 2,300% and overall NeonPlus® now has a digital platform to evolve, innovate and establish itself as having the most forward-thinking approach in their industry.


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